Working Together in Browning

The last weekend of September was a busy time around the Browning UMC!  Twenty people from Plains, Paradise, Columbia Falls, Bozeman and Whitefish descended on Browning to work around the parish and meet the new pastor, Calvin Hill, and his wife Sherri.  It was a great weekend!  The group mended fence (the church owns 324 acres), replaced four windows in the annex, put up siding on the backside of the parsonage, scraped and painted the trim and sign on the church and Joanna Griffin (artist) painted new signs for Heart Butte UMC. 
There was lots of laughing, talking, and getting to know new friends, both in the mission group and people who live in Browning.  Some volunteers came and worked for the day, others spent Friday – Sunday on site and slept in the bunkhouse.  All groups had an ‘expert’ with them who explained what needed to be done, provided the tools and the how to.  People who had NO experience with windows, siding, trim, or fencing were doing it and doing it well!  And lots got done.

Thanks to Sally McConnell for organizing this VIM trip and for sharing the follow up information and photos.      
                              Browning sign    Heart Butte sign    replacing windows (2)