UMCOR Disaster Relief

just Jack Amick
UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, is a 75 year-old Methodist organization dedicated to relieving human suffering “without distinction of race, color or creed.”  BUMC was honored to have the Rev. Jack Amick, Assistant General Secretary International Disaster Response, visit on March 22 to thank us for our support and to explain what UMCOR does.  His visit coincided with our celebration of One Great Hour of Sharing, the Special Sunday when donations are collected to cover the administrative and overhead costs of UMCOR.  You gave $8000 that day!  One Great Hour provides a “platform” for immediate action, allowing UMCOR to use 100% of funds given to specific projects for those projects.
When a foreign disaster strikes, UMCOR works to quickly deliver funds to local partner organizations which already have established relationships with them. Grant requests are typically reviewed and funded within 10 days.  Enabling local groups provides income and meaningful work to folks who know local techniques and resources without the added burden of transporting and housing volunteers from outside the region.  Additionally, the assistance must meet international standards for best practices.  UMCOR staff views their use of your donated funds and oversight of partner organizations as a sacred trust, and they work hard to uphold that trust.
Support may go to disasters that are well-covered in the news, such as Typhoon Haiyan or the more recent Cyclone Pam that hit Vanuatu in March 2015.  There are also many under-reported disasters that UMCOR responds to.  In September 2013 a blizzard hit the Andes in Peru, killing six people and most of the sheep, alpacas and llamas that were their main source of livelihood.  Because of their relationship with PROVEA, UMCOR was able to supply food to 700 individuals.  You can read more here.  
For more information on UMCOR, visit this link to an article by Denise Honeycutt, deputy general secretary for UMCOR, the UMCOR website or contact Cathy Baumbauer, Mission Coordinator, at