“Thanks God!” — Rev. Cassule is visiting Yellowstone Conference


Cassule at BUMC

Rev. Cassule shared the story of how he came to be a pastor, and shared his deep faith.


He also helped serve communion, reinforcing how we are all connected through the church.

Rev. Cassule arrived in Montana on March 31 from Angola, where the temperature hovers around 75 – 80 F.  He brought a strong love for Jesus, a deep desire to serve others and the church, and a compelling style of worship service through his speaking and singing.  At BUMC he shared the story of how he became a pastor, and this story is best told in his own words, which you can hear by
clicking this link.  He will be visiting churches throughout Montana and Wyoming for the next five weeks.
Angola is a west African country that was destroyed by 25 years of civil war, ending in 2002.  Now there is peace in the country and people are returning to the smaller towns and villages, infrastructure and buildings are being repaired, and the Methodist Mission Station at Quessua is coming back to life.  Rev. Cassule serves a rural church outside of Quessua, and they have started an agricultural project to help support the church.  They will soon harvest their first crop of cassava and also grow sweet potatoes and cabbages for sale.  These funds will help rebuild their church building, which was destroyed by rain, and assist members of the church.
The Methodist Church is growing through the hard work of people like Rev. Cassule and many others. He is one of the 65 pastors that receives funds through the East Angola Pastor Support project, and that $50 a month makes a huge impact in their lives, allowing them to send children to school, assist family members in great need, and undertake projects to improve their lives.  They are
very grateful for this support.
If you would like to donate to East Angola Pastor Support click here. To donate to Quessua Mission Station click here.