Thanks for your support during Lent

Your generous Lenten offerings went to two causes this spring.  Helen Sheperd’s work in Mongolia received $1150 and Luccock Park in the Paradise Valley of Montana received $725.
Helen is a missionary who has spent many years in Ulaanbaatar establishing a hospice network and faith community.  Grace Hospice provides a spiritual care counselor, doctors, nurses, and trained volunteers  who make regular visits to the patients in their home to offer physical, emotional, social, and spiritual comfort for the patient and the family caregivers.  For more information see the March 31 blog post, or the Grace Hospice link.
hand i hand
Luccock Park is being enthusiastically revitalized with a vision to create a joyous place for people to reconnect with the outdoors.  Your contributions will help build a handicap-accessible cabin so no one with physical limitations will be excluded.  
Over Memorial Day weekend there was a work weekend to spruce up the facility, and a visioning session to re-ignite the Camp’s vision of the future.  For details please contact John Soderberg or the Luccock Park Camp website.  They also have a Facebook page that features many updates.