Africa University


 Africa University has been supported by the Methodist Church for many years, and its graduates are helping feed and educate people in a variety of African countries.  This article is from the July issue of the Yellowstone Conference United Methodist Mission News:

Africa University is a “private, Pan-African and United Methodist-Related institution.” It has more than 1,200 students from 22 African countries.  It is located 17 km northwest of Mutare, Zimbabwe.  It grants both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in various programs. 

Students who graduate return to their home countries to work to improve the lives of their people.  Or, in the case of Kutela Katembo from the DR Congo, he is being sent as a  new missionary going to the East Angola Conference, to work in agriculture.  Read about how Africa University graduates are impacting their countries. 

Bike to Church Sunday is June 21

Bike to church
Our annual Bike To Church Sunday is this week.  The Mission Team will provide valet parking and a tip jar with all proceeds going to World Bicycle Relief, the group that has provided over 238,000 sturdy bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs around the world.  It’s fun to ride your bike to church and you can plan a route so your kids can ride to VBS next week.  The bike rack will remain up all week.
Over the past five years BUMC has funded many bicycles for WBR, and we would like to buy more!  World Bike Relief provides specially-designed, locally assembled bicycles to entrepreneurs, healthcare workers and students across rural Africa through sustainable work-to-own and study-to-own programs. They also train field mechanics to ensure access to maintenance and spare parts.
To meet the growing demand for high-quality bicycles in the developing world, World Bicycle Relief’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Buffalo Bicycle Ltd. sells bikes directly to non-governmental organizations, corporations and individuals in need of affordable, sustainable transportation.
You can read stories of how WBR bikes have impacted individuals, and how the organization operates at the World Bicycle Relief website.
WBR logo

Kutela Katembo, Agricultural Missionary

We are excited to have Kutela Katembo visit BUMC on Sunday, June 7.  Kutela is a new Methodist missionary who will be working in East Angola.  He is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is being sent to Quessua, Angola to work in sustainable agriculture. Kutela has a degree in Agriculture from Africa University in Zimbabwe and while he has not yet been to Angola, he has worked on UMCOR food security issues and as an agricultural trainer and consultant.  After touring Bozeman he will visit other churches in Montana before going to Helena.  He will be commissioned at the Yellowstone Annual Conference in Helena on June 20. Our Conference has a history of strong support of Methodist projects and pastors in Angola and we are looking forward to meeting Kutela.
There are 12 additional missionaries being commissioned this spring, and you can read more about all of them here.  This link will take you to more information on YAC involvement in Angola.

School Kits for UMCOR

School Kits for UMCORschool kits
UMCOR’s supply of school kits is critically low….so, with gratitude for your generous donations of health kit supplies, we are transitioning to the collection of school kit supplies for the month of June and in conjunction with VBS.  Take-home lists of school kit supplies are in the red attendance books and are available at the blue collection bin in the narthex.  Thank you for supporting UMCOR’s relief work! 
For more information please visit the UMCOR School Kits website

School Kit Supplies

Blunt scissors:  Rounded tip only; (No plastic scissors)

Pads of paper:  Spiral- or top-bound pads; 150 sheets or less of loose-leaf paper can be substituted for 1 pad;     combination of spiral, top-bound, side-bound, or loose-leaf paper is acceptable.  (No composition books)

Hand-held pencil sharpener:  Must be at least 1 inch long;  remove from packaging.

 30-centimeter ruler:  Hard or flexible; cartoon characters are acceptable.  (No advertisements)

Unsharpened pencils:  No advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols; cartoon characters are acceptable.

2-inch or larger-size eraser:  no advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols; cartoon characters are acceptable.

 24-count box of crayons:   Only 24-count boxes, please.

 14×16 inch cloth bag: Homemade or purchased bags are both acceptable;  heavy-duty fabric only, such as denim, corduroy, drapery fabric, etc.;  no advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols;  closures are optional but must be buttons, snaps, or Velcro sewn in middle of opening, if used.
Funds for shipping emergency kits are also appreciated.  Please enclose an envelope containing at least $1 for each kit you send. For Cleaning Buckets, please enclose $1.50.

Thanks for your support during Lent

Your generous Lenten offerings went to two causes this spring.  Helen Sheperd’s work in Mongolia received $1150 and Luccock Park in the Paradise Valley of Montana received $725.
Helen is a missionary who has spent many years in Ulaanbaatar establishing a hospice network and faith community.  Grace Hospice provides a spiritual care counselor, doctors, nurses, and trained volunteers  who make regular visits to the patients in their home to offer physical, emotional, social, and spiritual comfort for the patient and the family caregivers.  For more information see the March 31 blog post, or the Grace Hospice link.
hand i hand
Luccock Park is being enthusiastically revitalized with a vision to create a joyous place for people to reconnect with the outdoors.  Your contributions will help build a handicap-accessible cabin so no one with physical limitations will be excluded.  
Over Memorial Day weekend there was a work weekend to spruce up the facility, and a visioning session to re-ignite the Camp’s vision of the future.  For details please contact John Soderberg or the Luccock Park Camp website.  They also have a Facebook page that features many updates.

Intermountain – Finding a Place for Children and Families

The Intermountain 2014 Stakeholders Report arrived recently, and it describes how “children, youth and families are finding their place because you have made Intermountain a place where healing happens.  Your partnership makes our success possible.”
Two new residential cottages were completed on the Helena campus and a similar building is being constructed in the Flathead Valley.  These physical buildings support the nurturing care that Intermountain provides to troubled children.  Quality relational care – be it residential treatment, outpatient counseling, in-home support, or a host of other programs – serves children and families. 
In 2014 Intermountain served 1570 children, youth and families through residential or outpatient services and 800 parents and professionals received vital training.  Charitable gifts of $3 million were provided by 2438 donors, 126 churches (including BUMC) and 58 foundations.
For more information, visit the Intermountain website.

Let’s Buy Ken Koome a Truck!

Ken's road
Ken Koome is a United Methodist Missionary in Quessua, Angola, and he visited BUMC in April 2014.  He is helping the people of the East Angola Conference rebuild their lives, ministries and facilities after Angola’s 40 years of warfare.  Roads in Angola are rough and he needs a truck.  In his December 2014 newsletter Ken wrote, “I have no transportation to help me in my ministry.  I commute by public transport that is rarely available from Quessua where I live, to Malanje where my office is located (a distance of about 13 km or 8 miles).  We have started receiving gifts to help with construction of churches, it has not been possible for me to visit and assess how the work is progressing.”   In addition to just getting to his office he needs to be able to:
  • Haul building materials to churches and villages
  • Help transport visiting work teams
  • Help transport pastors serving very remote villages
Vehicles in Angola are expensive.  A good used truck has been found for $39,000, and as of mid-March over half of that had already been raised.  Rocky Mountain Conference and Yellowstone Conference have come together to work toward the goal of raising $18,000 for Ken’s truck.  BUMC is part of the Yellowstone Conference, and our Conference goal is $6000.  After the truck is purchased Global Ministries will cover fuel and maintenance costs.  We want to raise this money by May 31, 2015 so we can celebrate at the Annual Conference meeting in Helena June 18 – 20.
 The WOW Team will donate $1000 from their Toy Sale toward Ken’s truck, and the Youth Group has also collected funds.  We are working on an opportunity for our congregation to have special family portraits taken in exchange for a donation to Ken’s truck.  If you would like to make a separate contribution, you can write a check to BUMC and put “truck for Ken” in the memo line or by go to and use the Advance #00339A.  This website also explains more about East Angola Pastor Support and Quessua Methodist Mission and has a link to Ken’s biography.
Let’s help build God’s kingdom by buying a guy a truck!

Join the Shower Team!

The BUMC Homeless Shower Mission team is looking for more volunteers.  Some of the HRDC partners who have helped with the shower program during the winter rotations have had to drop out, thus leaving voids in the summer calendar.  BUMC’s once a month commitment is now stepping up to provide two times per month on first and third Saturdays.  Our team has several volunteers in rotation, but by adding an additional commitment and with summer schedules, we need more volunteers.  The time commitment would be for three hours on a Saturday morning about once every other month.  We happily train you on site at the Warming Center, and it is a joy to help this community of homeless folks.  If you would like to hear more about making a commitment to this BUMC Ministry, contact Dick Pohl, BUMC Shower Captain, at,
587-1872, or catch him at church.

Campus Ministry Mission Trip to San Francisco

sf group      sf kitchen
Over Spring Break this March, 10 young adults from the United Methodist Campus Ministry at Montana State University (Bozeman) and two adult staff from Bozeman United Methodist Church ventured to San Francisco to serve as short term missionaries in four different locations over a nine day trip.
Monday at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, in the Tenderloin of San Francisco, we served over 1500 meals (both vegetarians and meat eaters). Tuesday we served at the SF Marin County Food Bank. On Wednesday we worked at Habitat Terrace a Habitat for Humanity job site in San Francisco that will house 17 three bedroom units and 11 two bedroom units on the same lot. Our last day of volunteering (Thursday) took us to Project Open Hand in the civic center district.
We had a fantastic experience and would love to share our travel itinerary and mission contacts with anyone interested in taking a mission trip to San Francisco.  We’ll even share our recipes for the meals we ate at the Waller Center each night!  Contact Ann at 586-5413 for details.

Caring in Mongolia

Helen Sheperd and Grace Hospice in Mongolia are one of the recipients of this year’s Lenten Offering.  For nearly ten years Helen has worked to establish a hospice program in and around Ulaanbaatar bringing spiritual, emotional and physical comfort to many people while also empowering local leaders.  Grace Hospice partners with a local nursing school and coordinates with their student nurse practicum program to provide visitation to patients.  Helen will officially retire in June, 2015 but she has identified an indigenous doctor who will take over as director of Grace Hospice, and after retiring she will continue in a volunteer position to assist in the leadership transition.
The March 2015 Global Ministries web page published a very nice article describing Helen, Grace Hospice and their plans for the future.  BUMC also received a newsletter from Helen which gives some personal insight into her work and thanks us, and others, for our past and continued support.