Let’s Buy Ken Koome a Truck!

Ken's road
Ken Koome is a United Methodist Missionary in Quessua, Angola, and he visited BUMC in April 2014.  He is helping the people of the East Angola Conference rebuild their lives, ministries and facilities after Angola’s 40 years of warfare.  Roads in Angola are rough and he needs a truck.  In his December 2014 newsletter Ken wrote, “I have no transportation to help me in my ministry.  I commute by public transport that is rarely available from Quessua where I live, to Malanje where my office is located (a distance of about 13 km or 8 miles).  We have started receiving gifts to help with construction of churches, it has not been possible for me to visit and assess how the work is progressing.”   In addition to just getting to his office he needs to be able to:
  • Haul building materials to churches and villages
  • Help transport visiting work teams
  • Help transport pastors serving very remote villages
Vehicles in Angola are expensive.  A good used truck has been found for $39,000, and as of mid-March over half of that had already been raised.  Rocky Mountain Conference and Yellowstone Conference have come together to work toward the goal of raising $18,000 for Ken’s truck.  BUMC is part of the Yellowstone Conference, and our Conference goal is $6000.  After the truck is purchased Global Ministries will cover fuel and maintenance costs.  We want to raise this money by May 31, 2015 so we can celebrate at the Annual Conference meeting in Helena June 18 – 20.
 The WOW Team will donate $1000 from their Toy Sale toward Ken’s truck, and the Youth Group has also collected funds.  We are working on an opportunity for our congregation to have special family portraits taken in exchange for a donation to Ken’s truck.  If you would like to make a separate contribution, you can write a check to BUMC and put “truck for Ken” in the memo line or by go to www.EastAngola.org and use the Advance #00339A.  This website also explains more about East Angola Pastor Support and Quessua Methodist Mission and has a link to Ken’s biography.
Let’s help build God’s kingdom by buying a guy a truck!