Ken Has a Truck — Thank You!



Thanks to your generosity Ken Koome now has a truck so he can better do his work in East Angola.  BUMC members contributed over $1500 and  our WOW Team donated $1000 from their spring Toy Sale.  Together with the rest of the Yellowstone Conference and the Rocky Mountain Conference we raised over $18,000 for this project.  Your generosity is continually amazing!

Ken is the financial officer for the United Methodist Church and its projects in East Angola.  This truck will allow Ken to get from his office in Malange to the Quessua Mission Center which is about eight miles away and does not have regular public transport.  He will also be able to visit pastors in the outlying rural areas on a more regular basis.  He is responsible for providing support services to visiting Volunteer-In-Mission teams, church partners, and conference mission agencies.  That means he needs to haul people and materials such as lumber, concrete and other building supplies, long distances over rough dirt roads.  This truck will make the job much easier.   See more about Ken at this UMC Mission link.