Intermountain: restoring hope for children




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“Adversity is not destiny.”  Terry Chaney gave this as a guiding phrase for Intermountain during his visit to BUMC on May 4.  Intermountain helps heal children who have experienced early childhood trauma so they can return to emotional health.  Their  services include a two year campus-based treatment program for 32 children ages four through 12.  There is an on-campus accredited grade school for the 32  inpatient children plus several children who  are so emotionally disturbed they can’t attend public schools.  Intermountain does therapeutic counseling for children in the Helena public schools and provides support for families who have adopted children from the treatment program.  The chaplain on staff provides spiritual support for children.  Intermountain also has many different outreach programs in Helena, Missoula, Great Falls,  Kalispell.

BUMC has a long history of supporting Intermountain, which was formerly known as Intermountain Children’s Home.  Their mission is to heal through healthy relationships, and so far they have helped over 1300 children and families.  Terry Chaney, Development Director for Intermountain, visited our church on May  4 to explain their services and programs, and how we can support Intermountain.

Currently the 32 resident children, ages 8 through 12, live in four cottages.  Two new cottages were dedicated in April 2014, and one of the old cottages is being remodeled into a chapel.  This will provide a designated space for the chaplain and his programs.  We were among the first churches to pledge our support for this project, and we continue to support the effort with the Change for Children coin collection campaign.  This will continue through the end of June, and will be a project of our Vacation Bible School.

If you’d like to tour Intermountain’s facility, our Mission Team is organizing an all day trip on Friday, May 16.  They will have lunch and tour a cottage, the classroom facility and hear about the chaplain’s program.  Please RSVP to 586-5413.