Intermountain – Finding a Place for Children and Families

The Intermountain 2014 Stakeholders Report arrived recently, and it describes how “children, youth and families are finding their place because you have made Intermountain a place where healing happens.  Your partnership makes our success possible.”
Two new residential cottages were completed on the Helena campus and a similar building is being constructed in the Flathead Valley.  These physical buildings support the nurturing care that Intermountain provides to troubled children.  Quality relational care – be it residential treatment, outpatient counseling, in-home support, or a host of other programs – serves children and families. 
In 2014 Intermountain served 1570 children, youth and families through residential or outpatient services and 800 parents and professionals received vital training.  Charitable gifts of $3 million were provided by 2438 donors, 126 churches (including BUMC) and 58 foundations.
For more information, visit the Intermountain website.