Intermountain, Betty Strook and BUMC

Do you know that Intermountain* was founded by Methodists?  This is from their webpage on Church Partners:

For all of its 100 plus year history, Intermountain has heavily relied on the prayers and financial support of the Christian community to accomplish its mission of restoring hope for children. In 1909, Rev. William Wesley Van Orsdel (Brother Van) cofounded Intermountain with the words,

Under God, brethren, we cannot continue to allow the suffering of children to go unchallenged.”

“Today’s Intermountain has remained true to that call. In addition to providing for the therapeutic needs of traumatized children, we also provide spiritual guidance. The children involved in the Chaplain’s Program at Intermountain are nurtured and their faith cultivated through weekly fellowship, small group study, individual mentoring and fun activities.  Emphasis is placed on teaching children of God’s unconditional love for them, while each child’s individual faith background is honored and celebrated.”

Betty Strook, a member of Intermountain’s President’s Council who also lives in Bozeman, will visit BUMC on Sunday, September 20 to share the powerful story of how Intermountain helped her family through some very difficult times.  She will also describe the other functions of Intermountain, and how we can support their work. She will lead discussions after the 8:30 and 9:45 services in the Friendship Room.

*Intermountain was formerly known as Intermountain Children’s Home, and BUMC has generously supported their work for many years.  They have recently updated their web page which is very user-friendly and informative:

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