How do I get involved in Mission Work?

Mission work can involve travel to a site hundreds or thousands of miles away, or it can be as simple as buying an extra can of beans, writing a check or saying a prayer.  There are almost as many opportunities as there are personal levels of involvement, so with a little research you should be able to find at least one project to tie your heart to.

BUMC views mission work as a tangible example of the love of Jesus, a way for you to express that.  Helping others obviously aides them, and it makes you feel better, too.   Exactly how you do that doesn’t matter – what matters is that you do it.

Prayers are stronger than most people realize, and an important part of our church life and mission work.  You can pray on your own or join the BUMC prayer chain.  Please contact Kim Broden for details.

There are many organizations that would greatly appreciate your financial contributions.  Other groups need supplies such as food, clothing, cleaning supplies, or household items.  You can add to their collections or you can organize a fund drive or collection. 

If you want to be more directly involved with people in need, there are many opportunities to serve the homeless and working poor through the Community Café, Warming Center, Community Showers and Love INC.  Spring often brings a chance to work on a Habitat for Humanity house.  The CROP Walk needs walkers and people to fund their walking.  We are starting a group to support military personnel and would love your help.

Perhaps travel is attractive to you – we typically have an adult mission work project in Montana in the fall and the Youth Group has one in the summer (they always welcome more chaperones!).  Occasionally there are VIM trips to places farther away, such as Haiti.  If you don’t want to travel but like meeting people from out of town, we host visitors from Africa and other places once or twice a year.

How about collecting and organizing things?  We collect Christmas gifts for three different groups and have a mitten tree for warm clothing.  Bike to Church Sunday raises funds for World Bicycle Relief and always needs someone to help with valet parking.  We often have collections for UMCOR health, school, birth or cleaning kits – maybe you’d like to store those supplies until they’re sent to the depot?  And we collect food for the Food Bank year round, so you could transport it from the church to the Food Bank.

A summary of Mission Opportunities is here.  If you’d like to join the Mission Team, please contact us.  We love to have active members either for the whole year or just for one project. 

Sherry Schupbach, Mission Team Chair

Cathy Baumbauer, BUMC Mission Coordinator