Carol, Clean Water and Sanitation, and Kenya

Carol Baumbauer grew up in BUMC and Youth Group was particularly important to her during middle and high school.  The mission trips and  weekly discussions influenced her world view, and she has been a vital part of Engineers Without Borders at MSU for the past three years.  She spent five weeks in Kenya for each of the last two summers and recently shared some of her experiences with our church.  
EWB-MSU is “a student-run non-profit organization which has a long term partnership with primary schools in an area of western Kenya.  It works with them to improve access to clean water and sanitation facilities,” Carol explained.  EWB students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just engineers, and they work hard through the school year to generate community involvement and buy -in, and to plan projects for the summer.  There are weekly meetings, as well as weekly phone calls to the coordinator in Kenya, and a variety of fundraising events through the year.  Five teams visit Kenya during the course of a summer, each spending 5-6 weeks at a site and staying with a host family.  Some students do assessments prior to construction, some take bids and award contracts for work, others oversee construction and do past project follow-up.  The overarching goal is to have the community own the project, literally and figuratively, so that they are willing and able to maintain and repair the facilities as needed.
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water tank
Khwisero spring
Water projects include improvements to springs and a water tank/pipeline project.  Composting latrines are an important improvement and can work very well.  EWB provides a chance to work hard, make a difference in the lives of others, and make some terrific new friends both at home and in Kenya.
Eshibinga Team 1+
Khwisero latrine