“Be Hope, Be UMCOR”

be hope
The first Sunday in Advent is the Sunday of Hope.  The United Methodist Committee on Relief, commonly referred to as UMCOR, offers hope to people in a wide variety of situations around the world.  UMCOR is a well-known and respected organization that is often one of the first responders to natural disasters and scenes of conflict.  You support UMCOR through special offerings on One Great Hour of Sharing Sunday and other offerings, or Advances, collected through the year for specific projects.  Some of these are immediate response to a natural  disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, and some are on-going relationships, such as Angola Pastor Support.
 UMCOR Stories of Hope was recently published online.  Each story in this booklet comes from the work of a different UMCOR program.  While the situations and locations change, there is one constant throughout; one word that ties them all together and, in doing so, perfectly defines what UMCOR is. That word is “hope.” UMCOR is hope. Be hope.
The stories shared in this book were possible because of people like you. It is generous donations and tireless volunteers that allow UMCOR to make a difference in so many lives. You are the ones who have made it possible for UMCOR to be present when people are in crisis. As you read through the stories in this book, remember you had a role in each of them. Remember that you are UMCOR. Be UMCOR.