A Truck for Kutela

This year 25% of our Christmas Eve offering will go toward a truck for Kutela.  Kutela Katembo is the Agriculturalist at Quessua Mission Station, and he is transforming Quessua.  He is responsible for planning, planting, maintaining and harvesting crops which will support the people that live in Quessua and nearby villages.  He has planted banana trees, fruit trees, many types of vegetables, moringa trees and started a rabbitry and is educating people in nearby villages in how to better grow healthy foods. You can read about his work, and see photos in his latest newsletter.
In order to make his work more efficient and effective, Kutela needs a truck.  It would be used to haul seeds and supplies from Luanda, which is about 6 hours away, to carry equipment, produce and food around the farm, and to visit outlying villages.  Thank you for your support!